6:45 Amanda From Middleboro

  1.  Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas are going their separate ways. Will.i.am said she’s going to do a solo album, but it’s unclear if there’s any beef. How many peas members are there now sans Fergie?
  2. Lionel Richie’s bass player, Ethan Farmer, stabbed himself after consuming marijuana edibles. Lionel’s daughter Nicole Richie is married to Joel Madden, He and his brother Benji (who’s married to Cameron Diaz) started what popular early 2000’s pop-rock band?
  3. The show “Kevin Can Wait” is dumping Kevin James’ on-screen wife Erinn Hayes to pair him with Leah Remini who previously played his wife on “King Of Queens”. What was her name on that show?        Carrie, Kelly or Lisa
  4. A writer posted a series of Tweets suggesting that Melania Trump has been cheating on Donald for years with the head of security at the Tiffany’s store in Trump Tower. How many children do she and Donald have together?
  5. Tom Cruise says the “Top Gun” sequel will be called “Top Gun: Maverick” because he didn’t want a number in the title. How long ago did the original top gun come out? – 31 years, 35 years or 40 years?


7:45 Becky From Walpole

  1. “Wonder Woman” is reportedly on track to make at least $95 million this weekend. What indestructible item does Wonder Woman wear on her body that she uses to deflect oncoming attacks such as bullets?
  2. The animated kids flick Captain Underpants did okay this weekend pulling in $23.5 million at the box office. Was the movie based off a book, or a TV show?
  3. In the lyrics to the Chainsmokers feat. Coldplay song “Something Just Like this” what does Superman do just before he lifts? (Audio Clip question)
  4. The new season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” begins on Sunday, October 1st. Who is the star and creator of the show?
  5. Lindsay Lohan is launching her own jewelry line. Lohan was a target of this group of thieving teenagers who stole Jewelry and fashion related items from celebrity homes including Lohan, Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom. What was the name of the group?


8:45 Becca from Rochester

  1. 21 years ago today an arrest warrant was issued for former Milli Vanilli “singer” Rob Pilatus after he split from a drug treatment center in Los Angeles. Which of these songs is NOT from Milli Vanilli?  Blame it on the Rain, Girl You Know it’s true or Candy Girl
  2. Mark Wahlberg turns 46 today. In 2006 he was nominated for an academy award for his role in the South Boston based mob movie “The Departed”. Did he win the award?
  3. The bromance is real between Andy Cohen & Anderson Cooper as the two met on a blind date 20 years ago but just ended up as BFFs. They both celebrated birthdays last week, who is older Andy or Anderson?
  4. Phil Collins played Liverpool Friday night. It was his first full show in nearly a decade. Name the English rock band Collins was in for decades.
  5. Dan Akroyd says there probably won’t be a sequel to the female “Ghostbusters” movie because director Paul Feig spent too much money on it. How many of the original ghostbusters had cameos in the remake?

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?


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