By: Eric Donnelly

A Bachelor In Paradise contestant has come forward anonymously and revealed what it was like in Mexico during the scandal real time.

People got the exclusive where a contestant opens up about it all. “We were told to stay in a certain part of the [resort] while they figured out what the hell had happened. We knew something bad had happened. There was a dark energy that came around the house. You have to understand that we weren’t even there a week. The game hadn’t even really begun yet.”

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The scandal that happened was that producers had filmed DeMario Jackson and allegedly Corinne Olympios having sex in the pool, but she was apparently too intoxicated to have consented. Business Insider claims that apparently this happened on the first day of filming.

The source claims that two other contestants saw what happened and the rest were clueless. “They stopped taping anything, and we were just kind of there, waiting in limbo. We couldn’t talk to each other about what we knew. On Thursday, one of the camera guys told me that they were probably going to shut down production. I didn’t realize that it was that serious until then. I was like, ‘wait, they’re thinking of canceling the show?'”

It doesn’t seem too likely we’ll be seeing a BIP this summer…


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