6:45 Tina from Melrose


The first trailer for the Frozen spin off Olaf’s Frozen Adventure dropped yesterday where Olaf & Sven go door to door looking for holiday traditions. In Frozen & now again in Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, Sven is what kind of animal?

Kylie Jenner came in at #59 on Forbes list of highest earning celebrities with $41 million dollars earned. Only one other Kardashian Jenner sister made the list– who is it?

Diplo is responding to placing 3rd on Katy Perry’s list of former lovers saying “I dont even remember having sex.” Who were the other 2 celebrities she ranked?

Lucy Hale is 28.  She’s best known as who on “Pretty Little Liars”?

Matthew Perry recently said in an interview that he does not want to do a Friends reunion because he is afraid no one will watch. Speaking of shows that no one watched, which of the following sitcoms was Perry NOT a part of: Man With A Plan, Go On, or Mr. Sunshine?


7:45 Stephanie from Plympton


Actor Daryl Sabara is 25. He’s well known for playing Juni Cortez in the “Spy Kids” movies, & now dating this blonde popstar from Nantucket– who is she?

Eddie Vedder recently shared a story about Paul McCartney accidentally punching him in the face while telling a story in a Seattle Bar. Vedder is the front man for what iconic band?

The trailer for the new Whitney Houston documentary Whitney: Can I Be Me was released yesterday & is supposed to be shedding light on the dark side of fame. Whitney had more consecutive #1 hits than who? CHAKA KAHN, MARIAH CAREY, THE BEATLES

Julia Stiles announced that she’s expecting her first baby. Name the hit 2001 dance film she starred in as a Midwestern girl who moves to Chicago into a predominately black neighborhood.

Director Judd Apatow is set to appear on Conan tonight. He regularly features his wife Leslie Mann in his movies but also featured his kids in this 2012 comedy alongside Paul Rudd–Name the film.


Gabriela from Roxbury


19 years ago in 1998, Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to their 6th championship win. He is one of the most marketed sports figures in history with Nike even creating a signature shoe after him called what?

Yesterday on Twitter Trump blocked this famous author best known for his horror novels turned movie. Name the author.

Known as the “French Spider-Man,” A French urban climber scaled a 29-story Spanish hotel without any ropes in 20 minutes. What is Spider-Man’s real name?

ABC is bringing back Battle of The Network Stars where 100 stars will team up & compete against each other in athletic challenges. Has the show been off the air 30, 35, or 40 years?

Cameron Diaz opened up about getting married in her 40s saying she just hadnt met her husband yet. Which Madden brother is she married to?


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