By: Eric Donnelly

Earlier this year, John Mayer released The Search For Everything, which included the song “Still Feel Like Your Man” that was confirmed to be about Katy Perry.

With the release of her long-awaited album Witness last week it looks as if the “Teenage Dream” singer has written her own response — if not more from this album…”Miss You More?” — to that song. The track from witness is called “Save As Draft.” Take a listen:

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The track is about struggling to send that message or not, ultimately choosing not to and save it as a draft — we’ve all been there. “I struggle, I juggle, I could just throw a line to you, but I should let sleeping dogs lie ’cause I know better, baby” she sings in the chorus. “I write it, erase it, repeat it, but what good will it do to reopen the wound? So I take a deep breath and I save as draft.”

Where does the “Gravity” singer come into play? Well, you need to know these important dates. The duo dated for a while, but broke up in February/March of 2014. Then in September of 2014 Mayer tweeted this:

Mind you in “Save As Draft” Perry included the lyrics “You don’t have to subtweet me my number’s always been the same, but alls been said and done. Will we ever really close this case?” Suspicious!

Last month, he even tweeted this:

They’re both currently single so maybe they want to re-visit their past relationship? Who knows. There’s a lot of interesting details to confirm this track could very well be about her famous former lover.

This is the other track that’s rumored to be about him:


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