6:45 Mary Beth from Weymouth

Recently Real Housewife of Orange County star Tamra Judge reunited with her ex-hubby for her estranged daughter’s high school graduation. True or false, the OC is the only California installment of the Real Housewives?

Neil Patrick Harris is 43 today. He was the first openly gay man to host this awards show back in 2015, what was it?

46 years ago the first Hard Rock Café opened in London. Where was the first one opened in America?

Apparently, John Lithgow was Tim Burton’s first choice to play the Joker in his “Batman” movie, but he turned it down. He still regrets it. Who ended up playing the Joker?

Ben Stiller & Vince Vaughn have reunited & reprised their roles from Dodgeball in the name of charity. Ben Stiller owned Globo Gym, home of the Purple Cobras, in the film– what was the name of the gym Vince Vaughn owned?

7:45 Rachel from Hollis, NH

Today is National Lobster Day. Which New England state leads the lobster industry in the USA and accounts for $450 million dollars?

Matt Damon first brought Jason Bourne to life in The Bourne Identity 15 years ago this week. Where in Massachusetts did Damon attend College before perusing a career in acting?

Diane Keaton revealed on late night recently which celebrities aren’t her friends and she thinks comedian Sarah Silverman is very funny. Which late night host did Silverman date back in 2002?

Megyn Kelly is now losing appearances due to her interview with Alex Jones. She left Fox for what program?

Hootie and the Blow Fish hit it big in the 90’s with this lead singer, name the singer.

8:45 Kristen from Westwood

Apparently, American Idol is very close to closing on Ryan Seacrest to join the reboot. Who is the only celebrity signed on for the reboot thus far?

Nene Leaks has announced her return to the Real Housewives of Atlanta for Season 10. She has been very open & defensive of her previous profession she says was in order to take care of her son before she got married & found fame; what was it?

3 years ago in 2014, radio and TV legend, CASEY KASEM died at the age of 82. He voiced this cartoon character whose best friend was a dog– who was it?

The fight of the year is set for August 26th between Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. Floyd is a lifelong boxer while McGregor is a mixed martial arts fighter in the UFC, what does UFC stand for?

Anthony Michael Hall revealed some 80s secrets saying he thought St. Elmo’s Fire was overrated and his co-star Judd Nelson probably got laid the most. Who did Judd play in The Breakfast Club?


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