By: Eric Donnelly

This is exactly what we want to hear!

According to Pop Crush, Nick Carter is trying to put together a quality group with his new ABC show Boy Band. In an exclusive interview with PC, he talked a lot about the new show.

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When discussing his role, he said that “I’m sure that there’s going to be some stuff in between the shows that we’re gonna get involved with and give them some advice about, but really we are using our judgment based on what we are seeing live in front of the American audience.”

He went on to reveal “to finally put together a boy band that will last and that will be the right one. But it’s also about finding guys that meet the criteria, guys that have all the things that you need to be in a boy band.”

It’s great to hear that we could be getting a great new group out of this show and something that’s not just done for TV.

The show premiers on June 22nd.


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