6:45 Justine from Salem

Dogs eat free this week with any purchase at Einstein Brothers. Einstein Brothers primarily serve what?

Yesterday actor Daniel Day-Lewis made a surprising announcement that he is done with acting for good. He won his last Oscar in 2013 for portraying which president?

People were outraged after learning Gal Gadot was only paid 300k for Wonder Women, however, it’s fairly standard with Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth each making less than 500k the first time they played their superheroes. Name the hero Chris Evans plays.

Ed Sheeran said he doesn’t feel the need to defend Taylor Swift when it comes to her feud with Katy Perry & that he doesn’t believe feud songs are a hot thing– he’s done a few & “no ones cared!” Ed’s DONT is believed to be about ex Ellie Goulding who cheated on him with a member of which band?

Everyone is blown away by a slim downed & shredded Jonah Hill. Which Dr. Seuss movie has Jonah voiced a character in?


7:45 Haley from Quincy

On yesterdays Today show, Will Ferrell gave $100,000 to a college student who needed tuition because her father had to undergo cancer treatment. In what movie does he play ice skater Chazz Michael Michaels?

It’s been 2 decades since My Best Friends Wedding cemented itself in the rom com hall of fame. Name the actor who played the lead of Julianne.

O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing is set for June 20th and he could be free by Oct. 1st. In the now infamous car chase in June 1994, what type of car was O.J. in?

John Goodman turned 65 yesterday. He got famous playing Dan Connor on “Roseanne” but he’s a cult hero because of this iconic role as Walter Sobchak in what movie?

People who forget their tanning oil have been trying to use Coca-Cola as a replacement, but it’s just burning their skin even faster. What Zedd song that is currently all over the radio features the lyrics, “living on my sofa, drinkin’ rum and cola.”?


8:45 Marlene from Leominster

Chris Cornell’s daughter posted a moving Father’s Day note to the musicians Facebook page where she recalls his love for Prince’s Purple Rain & referred to him as her idol. Which musician was older when they died?

29 years ago today, “Who Framed Rodger Rabbit?” was released. What is the name of Rodger Rabbits beautiful, flirtatious wife?

A childhood development expert says Disney based the mega-hit ‘Inside Out’ on her idea, but didn’t give her credit. What is the animated flick about?

New reports are claiming Beyonce & Jay Zs twins arrived prematurely over the weekend. Name the internationally renowned LA hospital that’s considered Hollywood’s glamour hospital where countless celebrities have given birth.

Tom Brady visited China to promote football this past week, and he says his dream is to play a game there. This November Brady and the Pats will play in this city located in Central America.


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