Can’t Beat Kennedy: Friday 6/23

6:45 Sam From Taunton

  1. The Boston Celtics selected Jayson Tatum from Duke in the NBA Draft last night. Name the Celtics mascot.
  2. Gene Simmons withdrew his attempt to trademark the heavy metal horns sign. He didn’t say why. What body part is Gene Simmons famous for?
  3. Ed Sheeran’s rider for the Glastonbury Festival has been leaked and it’s super low maintenance consisting of a few beverages & a jar of honey. Which young pop star who is currently on tour had a rider leaked recently demanding video games, a washing machine, massage tables and more? Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez?
  4. Curt Smith, lead singer of Tears for Fears turns 56 Saturday. Which of these is NOT a Tears for Fears song? Everybody wants to rule the world or Shiny Happy People?
  5. Former American Idol judge Randy Jackson turns 61 today. What season was his last as a JUDGE on the show?   8, 12 or 14

7:45 Melissa From Braintree

  1. Actress Mindy Kaling is 38 today. Before she got her own show “The Mindy Project” she was Kelly Kapoor on this NBC comedy with Steve Carrell.
  2. One Direction tops a list of the best TV-made boy bands. THE MONKEES are second. Who was 3rd? O-Town, Big Time Rush or 2Gether?
  3. Jenny Slate & John Hamm were spotted catching a movie together in NYC which in the internet’s opinion means they’re basically married. Jenny dated one of Hollywood’s hottest Chris’ who’s from Massachusetts until this past February. Who did she date?
  4. Eight years ago today the great Ed Mcmahon passed away at 86. He’s best known for being this iconic late night hosts sidekick for three decades.
  5. Lots of drama surrounding on screen brothers Josh Peck & Drake Bell after Josh didn’t invite Drake to his wedding & then Drake lashed out on Twitter. Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh aired from ’04-’07 featuring this actress as their sister Megan who ended up getting her own show iCarly. Name her.

8:45 Elena From Harvard

  1. “Wonder Woman” is about to become the highest-grossing live-action movie directed by a woman. The current #1 is “Mamma Mia!”. Mamma Mia is a musical film based on the songs from what popular 70’s group.
  2. Ron Howard will direct the young Han Solo movie. Or should I say, he’ll take over direction? Original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired. Howard got his big break acting way back on “The Andy Griffith Show”. What was his characters name? Opie, or Barney?
  3. Johnny Depp “joked” about killing President Trump at Britain’s Glastonbury Festival last night. Which of these Presidents was shot while in office but survived? – Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford or Ronald Reagan
  4. George Michael’s would have turned 54 years old Sunday. He passed away on what Holiday last year?
  5. Julia Roberts had her lost dog returned to her thanks to an app called Nextdoor, which connects neighbors to each other. What is the most popular dog breed in the United States according to the American Kennel Club?
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