By Rami Abou-Sabe

Allstate has released their America’s Best Drivers study, and Boston, unsurprisingly, placed in dead last. Out of 200 major American cities, our beloved Beantown ranked #200.

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The 2017 report marks the third year in a row that Boston has claimed last place, so at this point, we can’t really say it’s a fluke. Boston drivers are 179.6% more likely to file a claim than the national average, with only 3.6 years between claims. By contrast, Kansas City drivers (#1 in the country) wait nearly 15 years between accidents.

Massachusetts is well-represented on the list, with Worcester drivers (198) claiming third-worst in the country and Springfield (196) coming in at fifth. New Haven, CT (192), and Providence, RI (194) also make appearances in the bottom 10.

Perhaps most concerning is the fact that Boston drivers are getting worse, not better. In 2014, Boston drivers ranked second-worst in the country, and were only 130% more likely to file a claim than the national average. By 2015, we fell to last place, and have only seen our likelihood of filing a claim increase since then.

Editor’s note: July 4th weekend is the deadliest time of year on America’s roadways, and Boston will certainly see an increase in traffic over the next few days, so stay safe out there folks.


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