Joey Chestnut won for a 10th time yesterday at Nathans Famous Hotdog Eating Contest consuming 72 hotdogs in 10 minutes. Where is the competition held every year?

Time Magazine has released their list of top influencers on the internet including Rihanna, Chance the Rapper & Katy Perry. Which of those 3 was the first to surpass 100 million Twitter followers recently?

In regards to how much longer he’ll play Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. said “I just want to hang up my jersey before it’s embarrassing.” How many Iron Man movies are there?

Bill Belichick’s girlfriend Linda Holliday revealed in a new interview Bill is actually a really good singer. How many Superbowl rings does Bill have in NE?

Multiple outlets are reporting that Beyonce & Jay Z have named their twins based on trademarks they filed. Name 1 of the twins names.


Oscar winner Mahershala Ali is reportedly in early talks to star in the 3rd season of HBO’s crime drama True Detective. Season 1 starred Woody Harrelson & which other A list actor?

Billy McFarland, who co-organized the failed Fyre Festival with Ja Rule, has been arrested and charged with wire fraud. Which tropical destination was the Frye Festival planned to take place?

You call your sound proof booth the deathly hallows, so name 1 of the 3 hallows in Harry Potter.

DJ Khaled’s son, who famously never cries, burst into tears upon meeting Justin Bieber. True or False : Khaled’s 8 month old son is an executive producer on his new album “Grateful”.

Britney Spears doesn’t want people accusing her of lip-syncing anymore. She does, however, admit to singing along with a backing track live because of her dancing. What is Britney’s longest #1 charting song?


Ryan Lochte has promised a win in the 2020 Olympics in honor of his son now that his suspension from the 2016 games has ended. Lotche originally claimed he and his teammates were victims of what in Rio during the 2016 games?

Actress Edie Falco turns 54 today, Falco played a mob bosses wife on this HBO series in the early 2000s. Name the show.

Actor Jerry Ferrara from HBO’s Entourage got married in Ohio over the weekend. Ferrara plays ‘Turtle’ in the series, one of Vincent Chase’s best friends. The show is said to be loosely based off of this Boston actor’s life/career. Name the actor.

Actress Andrea Barber turned 41 over the holiday weekend. She played DJ’s best friend on Full House and now Fuller House. What is her characters name?

Looks like Rob Kardashian and baby momma Blac Chyna are definitely over after she posted on her Instagram “Single & happy” over the weekend. What is their daughter’s name?


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