By: Eric Donnelly

Nobody expected this video to turn out this way…

Jennifer Lopez dropped her long-awaited video for “Ni Tu Ni Yo” today and it features the singer serving exotic LOOKS in multiple locations on an island. It also features blatant product placement for Hennessy and Sprint — think more blatant that Fiat in the “Papi” video.

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The track, which also features Cuban Reggaeton group Gente De Zona, finds J Lo modeling before meeting up with GDZ for some Hennessy in a random dive bar.

At one point, the “I Luh Ya Papi” singer answers a phone with a glimpse of Spring product placement. Then she literally is at the bar with the Sprint Guy from the commercials — the “Can you hear me now?” dude from Verizon.

Literally WHY is there so much product placement it detracts from the video so much? Whatever the song is still one of the best tracks released all year.


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