Can’t Beat Kennedy: Wednesday 7/12


Big Bang Theory’s Melissa Raunch, aka Bernadette is pregnant! In the early days of the sitcom, Benadette and Penny worked together at what restaurant?

A producer recently opened up about Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson during their time on The Newlyweds saying they really only had their music in common. Both Nick and Jess got remarried after they divorced, who is Nick currently married to?

Yesterday was Amazon Prime day. How much is a yearly Amazon prime membership?

In Harry Potter, what’s the blood status of Herminone Granger?

Veteran producer Quincy Jones is suing Michael Jackson’s estate for $30 Million in unpaid royalties for producing 3 albums. Which of theses singles came first, Bad or Thriller?



The Governor of Nevada declared a ‘ State of Emergency” because the state’s dispensaries are running out of weed. Name one of the two states who became the first in the country to legalize recreational use back in 2010.

This actor who played Eric Foreman on That 70’s Show and Venom in Spider Man 3 is 39 today. Name the actor.

If everything is loading slower today it is because websites like Netflix and Amazon are participating in the “Day of Protest” against the FCC’s stance on Net Neutrality. Which service has more subscribers, Netflix or Amazon?

Mob Wive’s star Renee Graziano is 47 today. Which mob wife passed away last year from cancer?

John Oliver will voice the bird Zazu in the “live action” “Lion King” remake. In the Lion King what is the name of Simba’s best friend tuned Queen?



Today in 1976, “Family Fued,” aired on ABC. Since it’s inception the game show has had six hosts. Name any two of them.

Clay Aiken says that on “Celebrity Apprentice”, Donald Trump really didn’t know much of what was going on, and wasn’t even the one who decided who to fire. What southern state did Clay run for Congress in back in 2014?

Comedian Charlie Murphy would’ve been 58 today. Which comedy sketch show was he a well known writer and producer on?

Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams, amid his divorce, has allegedly started dating actress Minka Kelly. Has Minka Kelly ever been married?

Outlander Season 3’s premiere date has been announced for Sunday Sept. 10th. Which Network is Outlander on?

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