Listening to Ed Sheeran’s summer smash, Castle on the Hill, you can’t help but wonder about the people he sings about – the friend that left to sell clothes, the one that works by the coast, or the one already on his second wife.

They’re all real people, Ed told Gregg Daniels at the Mix Beach House on Cape Cod recently.

“Some of them are just people I grew up with,” says Sheeran. “I’ve got three of the friends that are in the song on tour with me.”

But it’s not just the people he lists in the bridge – the friend he ran from the cops with is still very much in touch with Ed.

“The guy that I was running through the backfields from the law with is having a kid now!” Ed laughed. “He used to like shoot fireworks out of his arse and sh-t! I can’t imagine him being a dad.”

Ed maintains that the father-to-be was the only one partaking in the pyrotechnics over a decade ago.

“He’s gonna be a dad, isn’t that weird?” said Sheeran. “We did it when we were like 14, I didn’t do it!”


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