Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are producing a crime drama for Showtime set in Boston, of course. What Massachusetts city did Affleck and Damon grow up in?

Carson Daly left his morning radio gig because he wants to be able to have breakfast with his kids. What morning T.V. show is Daly a part of?

Sean Spicer’s next stop… Dancing With The Stars. He was seen meeting with some of the top execs of the show in Manhattan on Friday. Which celeb last won back in May? Rashad Jennings or Nyle DiMarco?

Jerry Seinfeld raked in $69 million over the past year, enough to make him #1 on a list of ‘The World’s Highest Paid Comedians.’ Did he finish second last year to Louis C.K. or Kevin Hart?

Kid Rock is setting up a nonprofit to help register people to vote. He hasn’t actually decided yet if he’s going to run for Senate in 2018. How many U.S. Senators are there? 50 or 100?




Animal Planet is launching Dog Bowl; it’s just like the Puppy Bowl, but with ADULT dogs from shelters who want to be adopted. Each year the Puppy Bowl airs on the same day as what sporting event?

Olympic gold-medalist Simone Biles got her wisdom teeth taken out yesterday and shared an embarrassing video of the aftermath on her Instagram. In what sport did Simone compete in the 2016 Olympics?

Olivia Wilde said she sent Jennifer Lawrence soup and bagels after she threw up at her play last week. Wilde is best known as Dr. Remy “Thirteen” Hadley from which medical drama that ran on FOX from 2004-2012?

Jim Davis is 72 years old today. He’s the man who created Garfield. In the comic strip what is Garfield’s favorite food?

Hillary Swank is 43 on Sunday. What is the name of the movie where she plays a boxer that won her an Oscar?




Mick Jagger released two new songs yesterday aimed at the political climates of both England and the U.S. What hugely popular Maroon 5 song features the word “Jagger” in the title?

Taylor Swift and her boyfriend enjoyed a little romantic getaway in Rhode Island with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Who was Taylor’s last boyfriend before Joe Alwyn?

11 years ago today Mel Gibson got arrested for DUI with an open bottle of tequila in his car. Is Mel in his 50s or 60s?

Bruno Mars’ latest album that features the #1 song “That’s What I Like” just went platinum. Is the album titled Versace Vocabulary or
24 Carat Magic?

The estate of TV fortuneteller Miss Cleo is suing the makers of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for allegedly using her likeness. What did Miss Cleo use to tell fortunes?

Can they beat Kennedy?!


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