89 years ago today, “Leo The Lion” roared for the first time at the beginning of MGM’s first “talking” movie. Which studio’s logo is a young boy fishing off of a crescent moon? – Dreamworks or Pixar?

MTV is bringing back TRL, but Carson Daly will not be returning. What does TRL stand for?

Wesley Snipes is 55 years old today. He played this half vampire half human in three films. What is the name of both the character and the franchise?

During a panel for their paranormal show The Lowe Files, Rob Lowe and his sons revealed that Charlie Sheen thinks the moon is hollow. Lowe had a national ad campaign in 2015 for this satellite TV company.

Shark week’s over. It’s now time for “Sharknado Week,” which is 6 new shark infested films this week leading up to the Sharknado 5 world premiere on August 6th. What channel produces Sharknado and is hosting “Sharknado week” currently?




Amazon could become the world’s first trillion-dollar company since its buying of Whole Foods has doubled its stock. Additionally, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos breifly surpassed this Microsoft co-founder as the world’s richest man last week.

Another Simpsons movie is in the very early stages of development. What year did season 1 episode 1 of The Simpsons originally air? – 1979, 1989 or 1999?

Laurence Fishburn turned 56 yesterday. What was his characters name in The Matrix?

Mariah Carey’s bodyguard is now being accused of assaulting a reporter backstage, and Carey’s camp claims it was not a reporter but an obsessed fan. What Mariah and Boyz II Men song is the longest-running #1 song of ALL time?

“The Emoji Movie” is the lowest-rated movie of the summer so far, with just an 8% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. What is the most used emjoi in America? – The Face With Tears of Joy or the Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes?





Warner Brothers execs are considering a campaign to get Wonder Woman a Best Picture Oscar plus Best Director honors for Patty Jenkins. What is Wonder Woman’s name?

Two former Golden Girls writers are pitching a sitcom about four old gay guys who live together in Palm Springs. Name two of the Golden Girls.

19 years ago today, Nicholas Cage received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. What 2004 film does Cage play a historian who uses clues from America’s history to uncover a massive treasure before a team of mercinaries?

J.K. Rowling turns 52 today so this is a perfect time to torture Kennedy with a Harry Potter question. Harry played on the Quidditch team at Hogwarts, what is the name of the golden ball it was Harry’s role to catch to end the game?

Production on Season 5 of Arrested Development begins next week. What is the name of the family the show revolves around?


Can they beat Kennedy?!


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