King of Kings, Man among Men and and general Ugg boot wearing phenomenon Tom Brady is 40 years old today. He’s happily married to Gisele now but he did have his first son Jack 9 years ago with what actress?

Martin Sheen turns 77 years old today. He’s Charlie Sheen’s dad but he’s also got another successful actor son who does not go by the last name Sheen. Name him.

Today is National Watermelon Day. While watermelons are awesome they aren’t close to the most consumed fruit in the U.S. What ranks at #1?

A Rolling Stone ranking of the major movie adaptations of Stephen King’s work puts the original “Carrie” at the top, followed by “Misery”. In what New England state was King raised?

22 years ago The Senate voted 96-to-3 to confirm Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a Supreme Court Justice. How many Supreme Court justices are there 5, 9 or 12?


Harry Styles, 23, is rumored to be dating 27-year-old Victoria’s Secret model Camille Rowe.  Name the Patriots wide out who is dating Model and former Miss Rhode Island/Miss USA Olivia Culpo.

Matthew McConaughey was crowned “People” magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2005. However, McConaughey thinks it’s time for Idras Elba to be given that crown. Which early 2000’s HBO show did Elba star in?

Jay-Z is a HUGE fan of Coldplay singer Chris Martin. In a recent interview, he said, quote, “I have been in the industry long enough to know when I’m in the presence of a genius.” Jay has done a collab with Coldplay before. Name the other rock band he collaborated with in a mix of genres?

ABC is canceling the comedy “The Middle” after the upcoming ninth season. It stars Patricia Heaton as the Matriarch of the Heck family. She played another sitcom mom Debra Barone in what show that also ran for 9 seasons ending in 2005.

Tyler Perry tried to pass himself off as Drake to some unsuspecting tourists in LA this week. In what 2014 movie does Perry play a legal consultant to Nick Dunn, a character played by Ben Affleck?


Oprah Winfrey wants to be body-positive no matter what . . . except when it affects her health.  She says, quote, “I can’t accept myself if I’m over 200 pounds, because it’s too much work on my heart.  Name the weight loss company Winfrey bought a 10% ownership share into in 2015.

30 years ago today the album, Hysteria from this band was released.

Vin Diesel is producing a reboot of “Miami Vice” for NBC . . . but it sounds like he won’t be one of the stars. The names of the two detective main characters were Crockett and ____?

Martha Stewart is 76 years old today. Did Martha do 5 months or 12 months in lock up?

The upcoming Foo Fighters album Concrete and Gold” features Paul McCartney on drums on one track. McCartney’s no stranger to branching out. Name the hit 2015 song McCartney did with Kanye West and Rihanna.


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