Can’t Lick Salt: Thursday 8/10

Selena Gomez has just designed her first ever Coach bag. Which hair care product line does she do commercials for?
Judge Judy has sold her entire 10,400-show archive to CBS for $95M as part of a new contract extension. Did her show premiere in 1986 or 1996?
OJ’s former agent is trying to unload the infamous white Ford Bronco for $500,000 on “Pawn Stars” next Monday night. OJ was recently granted parole after 9 years in prison for what?
Former White House Communications Director Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci will be on “Colbert” Monday night. What is the full name of Colbert’s late night show?
Samsung and Live Nation are teaming up to bring Coldplay’s Chicago concert to virtual reality users. They just played a show here in Massachusetts at which venue?


Mariah Carey’s album Butterfly turns 20 this year including hits like Honey & My All. It was her first album after her divorce from record exec hubby who?
Naomi Watts is apparently dating her Netflix co-star Billy Crudup & sources say the two are very into each other. Who did Watts separate from this past September after 11 years together?
Jennifer Aniston’s hubby Justin Theroux is 46 today. Aniston does commercials for which skin care line?
Kris Jenner is claiming Kylie’s cosmetic company is worth $420 million dollars. Which Kardashian sister just launched her own makeup/beauty line a few weeks ago?

Former Sex & The City star Cynthia Nixon claimed a few weeks ago she was planning on running for mayor of NYC however now she’s being pretty vague about the details. Which Sex & The City lady did she play?


Today is National Smores Day. In the movie the Sandlot, Smalls has never heard of smores which causes who to utter the classic phrase “you’re killin’ me Smalls!”

Fox has cast Maya Rudolph as Ralphie & Randy’s mom in their upcoming live musical version of “A Christmas Story.” She had a variety show on NBC last year she hosted with this comedian whose name also begins with the letter M, who is he?

Today in 1966, the $2 bill was discontinued. Who is on the $20 bill?

Rumor has it there is a scripted series in the works at Hulu about Ru Paul’s life. What’s the name of his reality competition show on VH1?

Kendrick Lamar is saying at the time he didn’t know this Taylor Swift song he rapped on was about Katy Perry. Name the song.

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