Mila Kunis is 34 years old today. Name the hit sitcom both she and her husband got their big breaks from.

28 years ago today Bon Jovi’s album “New Jersey” became the first American album legally released in the Soviet Union. What is the lead singer’s name?

Brooke Shields is going to have a “major” recurring role on the upcoming season of Law & Order: SVU. She says, quote, “I play a very different character from any I have ever played.” What does SVU stand for in the show’s title?

The Backstreet Boys did an interview with Billboard for the 20th anniversary of their first album. Which of these two 90’s boy-bands had an album released in the United States first? BSB or NSYNC?

A list from Entertainment Weekly says the most underrated Disney sidekick is Pegasus from Hercules. What is a Pegasus?




A man rushed to the stage at a Britney Spears show in Vegas last Wednesday night. What animal is Britney Spears known for holding during her 2001 VMA’s performance of “I’m a Slave 4 U?”

Beyoncé is still being mommy-shamed for drinking wine shortly after giving birth to her twins. Name the other two final members of Beyonce’s girl group Destiny’s Child that started out her extremely successful solo artist career.

Halle Berry is 51 today. She won an Oscar for her performance in this 2001 film also starring Billy Bob Thornton.

TMZ has videos of Tom Cruise doing his own stunts for the upcoming Mission: Impossible movie, and he’s jumping between buildings. In the video he botches the stunt twice and looks like he may have hurt himself. What is Cruises character’s name in the Mission: Impossible series?

Anna Paquin recognized her True Blood sex scene in the background of a recent BBC broadcast as soon as she saw it. What is the name of Vampire her character Sookie first falls in love with on the show?




Katy Perry went to an Ed Sheeran concert with her ex Orlando Bloom, but unlike them paddle-boarding together, he wasn’t naked. Did Katy date Orlando before or after John Mayer?

Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren now have a family of four. Lauren gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday named Ada James. Country star Rhett had a crossover hit that killed it on pop stations back in 2015 called ___ a happy man.

Which of these Taylor Swift songs went #1 and had a Grammy-award winning video that featured Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding, and Gigi Hadid? “Blank Space” or “Bad Blood?”

It was just announced that Leonardo DiCaprio will play Leonardo da Vinci in an upcoming film. What was the name of the film that finally won Leonardo his first Academy Award that featured him as a frontiersman sustaining life-threatening injuries from a bear attack?

Florida Georgia Line recorded a duet with pop singer Bebe Rexha for her latest EP titled All Your Fault: Part Two. What member of One Direction did Bebe Rexha just release a song with called “Back to You?” Louis, Liam or Niall?


Can they lick Salt?!


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