By: Eric Donnelly


According to Breathe Heavy, the collaboration we have all been waiting for — Timbaland, Britney, & Justin — is allegedly happening. *deep breath*

“Back in April, Timbaland went on a liking spree of Justney (Justin & Britney) posts on Instagram (he liked over a hundred pictures of them together). That liking fiesta occurred on the same night Tim hit the studio with JT, Pharrell Williams, Danja and Chad Hugo.”

After this Justin’s mom Lynn began liking photos on social media and even Timberlake himself retweeted an old tweet of his from 2013 referencing Brit Brit…then un-retweeted it. All of this only threw more fuel on the fire that something is happening here.

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Thanks to the Pop University blog — listen to their podcast segment here — they got the inside information from Timbaland himself when they went and saw him at a taping of Boy Band on ABC.

“During a break, the duo ran up to him and started chanting ‘JUSTNEY’…They explain that at first, Tim thought they were saying the word “JUSTIN.” That’s when they made things crystal clear: ‘JUST-NEY,’ ‘JUST-NEY’ they shouted. His eyes widen when he realizes what we’re saying, the ladies recall. ‘He turns his head slightly to the side cause he knows exactly what we’re saying, and he’s like ‘oh it’s coming.'”

They then shouted “JUSTIN, AND BRITNEY, AND YOU” to make sure and he said “Yes…It’s coming!” Now this information can’t exactly be confirmed — he could’ve been messing with the girls, who knows — so take it with a grain of salt. Britney has been confusing on if she would in fact collaborate with Justin.

Let’s just all pray there is some truth to this story!


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