Robert De Niro is 74 today. Which of these movies was he not in, Mystic River or Casino?

Today is National Thrift Shop Day! Who sings the song ‘Thrift Shop’?

Only about a month until the premiere of The Voice season 13 with a new judge spinning her chair, Jennifer Hudson. Name the 4 original judges from season 1.

Helen Hunt and Matthew Carnahan have broken up after 16 years. Hunt won several Emmy’s in the 90’s for her lead role as Jamie Buchman on which NBC comedy?

AJ from the Backstreet Boys recently revealed that their hit song “The Call” includes the sound of a fart from Band mate Howie. Which BSB member is the oldest?



Dustin Pedroia is 34 today. Which position on the Red Sox does he play?

TV personality Giuliana Rancic is 43 today. She resigned back in 2015 as the co host of E! News. However she remains on the network as a co host for which show?

Sam Hunt refuses to speed up the process of writing and recording new music, because he wants to make sure the songs are absolutely ready when he releases them. What sport did he play in college before breaking into the music industry?

Justin Bieber teased a new track, Friends. What was Biebers 1st #1 hit?

Emma Stone dethroned Jennifer Lawrence as the highest paid actress of the year. Stone got her start on the big screen in this 2007 in what raunchy comedy?



Mindy Kaling opened up about her pregnancy saying, “I have a lot of control over a lot of aspects of my life, and this is one where I’m like Okay, it’s out of my hands” True or False Mindy is from Boston?

Chris Hemsworth reveled the first time he meet Chris Pratt he was weirdly shaken and nervous saying Pratt is just so charismatic. Is Hemsworth from South Africa or Australia?

HBO is planning on creating the show “Confederate,” which will take place in a US where the south won the Civil War and slavery is legal. The show is being developed by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, the two are well known for creating which HBO mega series?

Mila Kunis celebrated her 34th birthday alongside hubby Ashton Kutcher on a romantic getaway to Budapest. Kutcher stars in the Netflix series The Ranch alongside which former costar from That 70s Show?

Bonnie Tyler will sing her smash hit Total Eclipse of the Heart during the eclipse aboard Royal Caribbeans Total Eclipse Cruise. Finish the lyrics.


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