19 years ago today That 70s Show premiered. In which state does the show take place?
Mark Wahlberg is now the highest paid actor in the world raking in $68 million over the past year. He was the executive producer of this HBO show from 2010-2014 starring Steve Buscemi about a shady Atlantic city politician during the prohibition era. Name the show.
Disney’s live action remake of Beauty & the Beast will be available for binge watching on Netflix next month. Who starred as Belle?
David Hasselhoff is reportedly in talks to become an Idol judge. Which reality competition show did the Hoff serve as a judge on from 2006-2009?
Charli XCX canceled some shows because she’s been, quote, “seriously ill.” Name the Iggy Azalea song that features Charli on the hook that hit #1 summer of 2014.


Jerry Seinfeld taped an episode of his show with Jerry Lewis before his death, and called it, “a comedy life moment for me.” The Emmy nominated series used to air on Crackle but was bought by Netflix. Name the show.
Dee Snider says he had to end Twisted Sister when he did, because his body couldn’t handle it anymore. Dee was on Celebrity Apprentice but still told Donald Trump to stop playing what Twisted Sister song at his campaign stops when he was running for President?
The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 8 trailer dropped with the shocking return of the original villain Danielle Staub. Which current housewife famously flipped a table at her?
A list of shows that surpassed the 1,000 episode mark includes “The Price is Right”, “Jerry Springer” & “WWE Raw.” Who currently hosts the Price is Right?
George & Amal Clooney are taking a stand by donating $1 million dollars to fight hate groups. The couple are new parents to twins; what is the gender of both babies?



Taylor Swift posted a 2nd video of a snake yesterday on social media & many think it has something to do with her latest single & making up with Katy Perry at the VMAs. True or false, both Katy & Taylor have dated John Mayer?
There’s a new list of “The 33 Greatest Car Movies Ever” & the top spot belongs to this 1976 smash starring Robert de Niro as a loner, suffering from insomnia, who takes a job as this in NYC.
Riverdale star Lili Reinhart admitted acne is a problem for her & can’t resist popping a pimple. She co stars in the CW teen drama with which Sprouse twin, Dylan or Cole?
Although we have no idea what happened, Tyrese Gibson seems to be recovering very well from a recent surgery he had. Who does the actor play in the Fast & Furious franchise?
Next up on Apple’s Carpool Karaoke is an episode with Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner. The actresses costar in what TV drama?





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