By: Eric Donnelly

Now that Taylor Swift has announced her new album reputation fans everywhere have been conspiring about what clues she has given us in the past three years.

The singer’s obsession with the number 13 has always been a known clue, and it’s interesting that on the date her album will be released — 11/10/2017 — if you add up those numbers they equal 13. But, for all you 1989 fans out there, did we receive a clue all the way back in 2014?

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The last track on her 1989 album was “Clean” and it’s about realizing when you are officially over someone, and starting fresh. While everyone speculated which songs from that album were about famous ex-lovers of hers, this song included, it actually makes sense to interpret “Clean” to fit the narrative of this new reputation era.

She has recently cleared all of her entire social media platforms, presumably to create a new image, then returning with 3 videos of a snake.

Some notable lyrics from “Clean” to support this theory are, “gone was any trace of you I think I am finally clean” and “so I punched a hole in the roof, let the flood carry away all my pictures of you.”

The last lyric of the song — ending the album — is “think I’m finally clean.” And…if Perez Hilton is somehow right with his “sources” that lyric would be the perfect ending to segue into her next body of work.

As Buzzfeed notes, during the 1989 World Tour Taylor always gave a speech to the crowd. “The speeches varied in wording, but the premise remained the same: Be strong during hard times.”

Did this song foreshadow reputation? Nobody knows. There are a lot of fun theories out there to believe, but until we get the full album we’ll never know.

Get ready for the first single dropping tonight at midnight!


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