1. A music producer posted a picture of his daughter to celebrate her 35th birthday and John Mayer left a comment, saying, quote, “Can you put a good word in for me?” Who out of these three has John NOT dated. Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson or Avril Lavigne?
  2. A group called Truth in Advertising has filed a complaint against Gwyneth Paltrow’s health and lifestyle website, saying it makes false health claims about its products. What is the name of her popular site?
  3. Channing Tatum wanted to surprise his wife Jenna with a proposal,but he thought she was on to him. So he told her he never wanted to get married, just to throw her off. On What dance movie set did they meet?
  4. Lebron James is mad that Boston fans were burning Isaiah Thomas’ jersey after the team TRADED him away. Of course, fans burned HIS jersey when he bolted from Cleveland. How many Championships do the Celtics have? 8, 17 or 26?
  5. Actor Jay Thomas died of cancer yesterday at the age of 69. He’s best known for playing Carla’s hockey-playing husband Eddie on “Cheers”. In “Cheers” what are the names of the retired Baseball player turned bartender and his cocktail waitress on again off again girlfriend?



  1. Laura Prepon and Ben Foster welcomed their first child. Laura got her break on that 70’s show. What show does she currently star in on Netflix?
  2. Claire Danes was recently photographed with Goofy on a family vacay down in Florida. Claire got her big break on which teen drama that also introduced us to Jared Leto?
  3. Variety released a list of TV salaries & most of the cast of the Big Bang Theory is ranking in $900,000 per episode while some members of This Is Us are only seeing $40,000. Which show is nominated for Best Drama/Comedy series?
  4. Actress Katherine McPhee is officially taking legal action against the hackers who exposed her nude photos. Which CBS drama does she star on chronicling the adventures of a team of geniuses who save the world from complicated modern threats?
  5. Katy Perry mistakenly dropped her Swish Swish video the same day as Taylor Swift debuted her new single Look What You Made Me Do . Swish Swishis is off Katy’s latest album entitled what?


  1. Shania Twain explained why she name checked Brad Pitt in her song “That Don’t Impress Me Much”. She saw those nude photos of him and his then girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow. What Celeb did Gwyneth divorce back in 2016?
  2. Kel Mitchell Former star of “All That”, “Kenan & Kel” and “Good Burger” is 39 years old today. His partner in all those endeavors, Keenan Thompson is still having success in the industry currently starring on what show?
  3. Gal Gadot responded to people who said she wasn’t “curvy” enough to play Wonder Woman by noting that in Greek mythology, Amazons only had one boob. Name the actor who was the male lead opposite Gadot in Wonder Woman?
  4. Questlove did a “Funny or Die” video on the EPA Budget Cuts. Questlove is the drummer for what popular group that is also the show band for the Tonight Show?
  5. Today is the 16th anniversary of Aaliyah’s death. How did the R&B star pass away back in 2001?

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