Cameron Diaz turns 45 today. She voiced Princess who in the Shrek movies?
Corinne Olympios opened up about the Bachelor In Paradise scandal saying she was ultimately a victim of the media. Which tropical destination does the show take place in?
Conor McGregor has been using his post fight press to push his new brand of Irish whiskey, Notorious. Which other celeb has a whiskey line? Darius Rucker or Justin Timberlake?
UFC’s Ronda Rousey is a married woman tying the knot during the big fight on Saturday. True or false, she has competed in the Olympics?
The Walking Dead is getting its own Pokemon Go-like video game. What is the TV show based on?


British actor Ed Skrein dropped out of the upcoming Hellboy reboot a week after his casting sparked outcries of whitewashing due to the fact his character is supposed to be Asian. Name the actor, who was also in Sons of Anarchy, who starred as Hellboy in the original films.
Vanessa Hudgens came face to face with a rattlesnake on “Running Wild with Bear Grylls”….and then of course they ate it because it’s Bear Grylls. The name of the show that brought Grylls into the spotlight and aired on the Discovery Channel from 2006-2011 was Man VS ___.
Actor Michael Chiklis is 54 today. Which Massachusetts town is he from, Worcester or Lowell?
Someone mashed up Britney Spear’s Toxic & Taylor Swift’s new Look What You Made Me Do and it’s epic. Which Britney song came out first, Toxic or I’m A Slave 4 U?
IM A SLAVE 4 U (2001) [Toxic: 2003] The Weeknd was noticeably missing from Sunday’s MTV VMA’s because apparently he was tired & didn’t feel like performing. Which country is The Weeknd originally from?


Olivia Wilde’s ex husband has created a relationship documentary called monogamish. Who is Wilde currently engaged to & has 2 kids with?
Today in 2012, the USADA stripped Lance Armstrong of his seven Tour de France titles for what reason?
Retired tennis superstud Andy Roddick is 35 today. Who did he used to date that now stars on This Is Us?
Cookies & Scream MMs are coming this fall which is basically just oreo flavored. In the M&Ms commercials, which color M&M is the featured female?
Kathy Griffin is saying she isn’t sorry for the Trump picture & the entire fiasco put an end to her friendship with Anderson Cooper. Name the CNN special she used to cohost with Cooper.


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