Property Brother Drew Scott has been officially confirmed as the first celeb for Dancing With The Star’s latest season. Name his twin brother he stars with on Property Brothers.
Kelloggs is finally releasing pumpkin pie rice krispie treats. What are the names of the 3 cartoon mascots for rice krispies that are featured in all their commercials?
The hashtag #IfFootballDidntExist started trending on social media yesterday & some of the best answers were men would have to talk to their wives and girlfriends in the winter & Thanksgiving would be even more awkward. Gronk was out most of last season in order to have surgery on his what?
“Entertainment Weekly” has debunked Matthew McConaughey’s theory from “The Wedding Planner” that brown M&Ms are healthier than the other colors because they have less dye in them. Who played the female lead opposite Matthew McConaughey?
Warner Brothers is working on a new movie deal to bring Lord of the Flies to the big screen with an all female cast. In the book, how do the boys end up on the island?


Coldplay had to cancel their show in Houston due to Hurricane Harvey so they wrote a song for Houston & performed it Monday night in Miami. What is their tour called?
It’s been confirmed that Minnie Driver will return for the new season fo Will & Grace. She played Lorraine, the woman Karen’s husband was having an affair with. What was Karen’s husband’s name?
Fans are speculating that Lady Gaga & ex Taylor Kinney are back together after he was spotted at the Chicago stop of her tour. What is Lady Gaga’s fan army called?
Blake Lively opened up saying she is open to a Gossip Girl reunion or reboot. Who did she play on the teen drama?
Sandra Bullock has donated $1 million to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Which of the following movies earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress: The Blind Side or Gravity?


Apparently college football is using Taylor Swift’s new song in their promos & fans are pissed. What does ESPN stand for?
Bachelorette alum Emily Maynard is pregnant with her 4th child. True or false, she was the first Bachelorette.
Veep star Reid Scott is expecting baby #2. True or false, he is an original cast member of the show.
A teaser clip of Miley Cyrus & her family doing Carpool Karaoke has been released & it is very interesting. True or false, Miley is not her birth name.
It’s been 30 years since I Think We’re Alone Now was released. Which teen pop star made it famous back in 1987?


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