Can’t Beat Kennedy: Friday 09-08-17

  1. In 2012 a spoof film about Lincoln was released and made over $115 million at the box office. It was called “Abraham Lincoln : ____ Hunter”.
  2. The Patriots unveiled their latest championship banner last night before the game. What song was playing when the Banner unfurled?– Eye of the Tiger, We Are the Champions or Jump Around?
  3. Kid Rock basically gave a campaign speech before a show in Michigan on Wednesday. It was laced with profanity and hit out at several targets, like people who kneel for the national anthem. Rock’s highest charting song which hit #4, is actually on the softer side, being a duet called “Picture” with what country artist?
  4. Zayn released a video for “Dusk Till Dawn”, his new song with SIA. What A-list actor starred as the male lead in the 1996 Tarintino film “From Dusk Till Dawn?”
  5. Pink is 38 years old today. What is the name of her new single
  1. Shia Labeouf says playing John Mcenroe was “Cathartic”. What sport did John Mcenroe play?
  2. Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx sort of took things public with some PDA over Labor Day Weekend. How long has Katie been divorced from ex husband Tom Cruise?
    5 years, 10 years?
  3. The Rock just met with the 10 year old boy who went viral for saving his 2 year old brother with CPR techniques he learned in the Rock’s 2015 film about a devastating California earthquake. Name the film.
  4. Ray Liotta is the latest actor cast by KFC to portray Colonel Sanders in television commercials . what is KFC’s well known slogan it’s had since 1956?
  5. There’s a new George Michael single out called “Fantasy”. It’s not a new song . . . just a new remix by Nile Rodger. Michael died on what Holiday in 2016?
  1. A celebrity edition of “Big Brother” is coming this winter. There’s no word on casting yet. What year did “Big Brother” begin airing in America? – 2000, or 2010?
  2. Adam Sandler is 51 today. In the films “Grown Ups” and “Grown Ups 2” name 2 of the other 4 actors who played Sandler’s old friends that reunited after the death of their high school basketball coach.
  3. In new court documents, Usher denies “each and every allegation” made by the two women and one man who filed a joint lawsuit last month. Usher’s highest selling album, which sold over 15 million copies and had the now aptly titled single “Let it burn” came out in 2004. What was it called?
  4. Jonathan Taylor Thomas is 36 today. He was the middle son in what hit 90’s sitcom that starred Tim Allen?
  5. Hometown Olympian Aly Raisman showed off some cleavage at the  New York Fashion Week event. What medal did Raisman get in the Gymnastics All-Around competition in Rio last summer?

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

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