By Rami Abou-Sabe

Debbie Harry and Blondie released their eleventh studio album, Pollinator, back in May, and the band couldn’t be more proud of the record. “We’re all really really happy with it, and really proud,” revealed longtime drummer Clem Burke. “We want to get as many people out there to hear it, because we really put a lot into this record.

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The New Wave icons have been performing together since the late-Seventies. Despite the revolving door of supporting members, Harry, Burke, and songwriter/guitarist Chris Stein have been a steady force in the band. “The chemistry of the group has all come together,” said Burke. “And Pollinator is a really great album from beginning to end.”

As the band have become elder statesman in the industry, their influence on other artists has crystalized. “People always go for the obvious, but I think we influenced a lot of bands with the whole do-it-yourself attitude that we had,” Burke explained.

“If you talk to Peter Buck or Bono, they appreciated what we were doing as breaking the mold. And people always just immediately go for the Madonna… Everyone goes for the obvious. But it’s deeper than that superficial ‘another blonde chick’ type of image. That’s not really what Blondie was ever about in a lot of ways.”

Watch Gregg and Freddy’s full interview with Blondie below.


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