1. 54 years ago today “Flipper” debuted on NBC. They eventually did another version in 1995 starring a young Jessica Alba. What type of animal is Flipper?
  2. Mario Lopez says the worst part of almost getting into a fight at the gym was when the other guy smashed his phone. Lopez hosts what Celebrity and Entertainment News show?
  3. Today is national talk like a pirate day. What was Orlando Bloom’s characters name in Pirates Of the Caribbean?
  4. 98 degrees has a Christmas Album coming out in October. Though the band was formed in L.A. all for members originate from the same state. Is it Florida, Illinois or Ohio?
  5. Sean Spicer wants everyone to like him . . . so when he was asked if he regrets flipping out on the media over President Trump’s inauguration crowd size, he said, quote, “Of course I do, absolutely.” What was Spicer’s title when he worked for the Trump Administration?


  1. A woman who claims to be one of R. Kelly’s former underage sex slaves spoke out about her escape and how he used to punish the girls by locking them in a room for days or slapping them. Name the song Kelly did for the “Space Jam” soundtrack that hit #2 on the hot 100 billboard chart.
  2. Madonna claims she “predicted” the state of the world in 2017. Madonna has been married twice. First to Sean Penn and then to this English film maker.
  3. A location scout for the hit Netflix show “Narcos” was shot and killed outside Mexico City. Narcos is centered around the rise and fall of what drug kingpin?
  4. Lady Gaga just announced she is postponing the European leg of her tour due to her chronic bodily pain issues. Which of these Gaga singles did NOT reach #1? Just Dance, Poker Face or Bad Romance?
  5. It would have been Adam West’s birthday today but he of course passed away earlier this year. He would have been 89. He had a recurring role on Seth Mcfarlanes “Family Guy” since season 2. What was he occupation on the show?
  1. What is the name of the former pirate and former Governor of Jamaica that now has a brand of rum named after him?
  2. Which fictitious pirate today has a fast food chain named after himself?
  3. Name the Pirate themed football team in the NFL.
  4. In the Goonies what is the name of the pirate whose buried treasure the Goonies are after?
  5. What commonly thought of plunder do pirates NOT usually keep in their treasure chest?

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