By: Eric Donnelly

Gimme more!

This is EPIC! Britney Spears actually spoke about making her fifth album Blackout to The Fader and revealed some fascinating insight behind the making of one of the decade’s most iconic albums. Can you believe October 25th marks the album’s 10th anniversary?!

On the album, she worked with Danja who was one a driving force behind the sound. “Blackout was the first time I worked with Danja, and he gave me the opportunity and freedom to work with more urban sounds and influences. It really inspired me! I also got the chance to sing more and stretch my voice in ways I hadn’t done before.”

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Danja opened up and said that he “was into dance music and EDM at the time” and his goal was to bring that sound mainstream.

There’s a reason why the album resonated with fans so well — it shows through. “The magic of Blackout was actually pretty simple. It just wasn’t so thought out. I just did what I felt and it worked.” Charli XCX, who has always been a vocal Britney stan, captured the album perfectly by saying, “This was the first time that Britney had become globally cool.” She was a driving force behind a new era in Pop.

Most of the songs on the album still sound fresh and cutting edge today, which is a testament to how great Blackout truly was.


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