1. 67 years ago today the first “Peanuts” comic strip featuring Charlie Brown and Snoopy appeared in newspapers under the name “Li’l Folks”. Who wrote the Peanuts comic strip?
  2. 12 years ago today Brad Pitt’s divorce from Jennifer Aniston became official. Who is Jennifer’s current husband?
  3. A man who worked for Hugh Hefner in the ’70s says he was pretty brutal to women, and treated them as disposable.  How old was Hugh when he passed away last week? 81, or 91?
  4. OJ Simpson was released from prison Sunday morning and coincidentally today would have been his attorney Johnnie Cochran’s birthday. He was one of O.J.’s defense attorney’s for the murder trial of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. Finish this famous phrase he used repeatedly during the trial. If the glove don’t fit….
  5. Lionel Richie has officially joined the “American Idol” judges’ panel, alongside Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. Who has more #1 songs, Lionel Richie or Katy Perry?
  1. Tom Petty passed away last night. Name his band?
  2. Randy Quaid turned 67 years old on Sunday. He played Cousin Eddie in what popular Comedy franchise starring Chevy Chase?
  3. 62 years ago today The Mickey Mouse Club premiered. Which of these three celebs was not on The Mickey Mouse Club Christina Aguilera, Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds?
  4. Tommy Lee is 55 years old today. Tommy’s almost as well known for his past relationships as his drumming. How many times has he been married?
  5. A new “Die Hard” movie is in the works that’ll show John McClane in the present, and when he was a young cop in the 1970s. Name the German Terrorist who took hostages during a Christmas Party at Nakatomi Plaza in the original “Die Hard” film.
  1. A contestant on “Jeopardy!” won $65,600 last night. Believe it or not, that’s NOT the single-game record. On the show what is the name of the last question where you can wager between $0 and your entire score on the answer.
  2. Re-Runs of Home Improvement are headed to Hulu. What actor and comedian played the lead character in Home Improvement?
  3. Bradley Cooper has been offered the lead role of Vince McMahon in WWE Studios’ biopic “Pandemonium”. What does WWE stand for?
  4. A New “Men In Black” Spin Off will pass the torch to new characters. What actor starred alongside Will Smith as Agent K in the franchise?
  5. Kendrick Lamar’s Humble is the second most streamed single of the year. What came in at #1?



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