Kate Winslet is 42 today. True or false, Kate won a Best Actress Oscar for the Titanic? FALSE
The First Wives Club is being turned into a TV series. Name 2 of the original first wives from the film.
It’s Throwback Thursday! Africa by Toto hit #1 on the Hot 100 & was released in 1982 or 1992?
It’s been over a decade since Martha Stewart served 5 months in prison & says it was an absolutely horrifying experience. What did she go to prison for?
DC Films is dropping the final trailer for the new Justice League film on Sunday but gave fans a sneak peak via new posters on Twitter. Which actor, who is married to Lisa Bonet, has been tapped to play Aquaman?


Grades for the meats at the 25 biggest fast food chains are in & both Chipotle and Panera earned A’s by using pork, beef, and chicken that are raised without antibiotics. Which chain has restaurants in both the US & Europe?
Matilda star Mara Wilson is now saying she kinda regrets coming out as bisexual in the wake of the Pulse nightclub shooting because people think she took advantage of the situation. Mara also starred in which 1993 comedy with Robin Wiliams, Sally Field, & Pierce Brosnan?
Pauley Perrette is leaving which crime drama at the end of this season after 14 seasons?
Last night was the 8th season premiere of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Which housewives franchise is the newest?
20 years ago this month REM drummer Bill Berry announced he was leaving the group. Which song broke into the Top 10 on the Billboard charts, Losing My Religion or Everybody Hurts?


Actress Gabrielle Union revealed she’s gone through 3 years of failed IVF treatments and 8 or 9 miscarriages with husband Dwayne Wade in an effort to have kids. Her breakthrough role was lead cheerleader of what squad in Bring It On?
Jesse Eisenberg is 34 today. Who does he play in the DC comics franchise?
Kelly Ripa posted a very rare photo of her with her 3 kids & hubby– who is she married to?
Actress Naya Rivera has called off her divorce & is trying to work it out with her estranged husband for the sake of their son. Rivera starred in which FOX comedy about a group of high schoolers who join a singing club from 2009-2015?
It’s Throwback Thursday! 20 years ago this month, this band released their album containing this song. Name the band.


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