1. Rock and Roll Hall of Famer David Lee Roth is 63 years old today. What American rock group is Roth best known as being the lead singer for? – Van Halen, Aerosmith or Pearl Jam?
  2. The Song “Call Me Maybe” has officially been viewed ONE BILLION TIMES on YouTube. Who sings “Call Me Maybe”?
  3. 74 years ago the first Lassie movie premiered. What kind of dog is Lassie?
  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger says he tricked Sly Stallone into doing the 1992 bomb of a film “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot”. Name the action franchise the pair star in together along with practically every other action star from the 80’s and 90’s
  5. Aaron Carter showed off his 30-pound weight gain on Instagram, but he left rehab after 2 weeks. What Backstreet Boy that has battled addictiuon trouble in the past publicly reached out to Aaron to help him? – Howie, AJ or Kevin?
  1. 51 years ago today the game “Twister” was released. Name three of the four colors on a twister mat.
  2. Nelly was released without being charged after a rape allegation. Nelly’s debut album was certified Diamond. Meaning it sold over 10 million copies. Only 7 rap albums ever have done that. His debut album was called  Country _____.
  3. Gillian Anderson says that the X-Files new season quote “will be it for me”. In the show Mulder and Scully are special agents for what organization?
  4. O.J. Simpson was spotted grabbing a Bloody Mary and takeout at a fish taco place in Las Vegas. What actor played O.J. in the FX anthology series about his famous trial?
  5. Dan Stevens is 35 today. He played The Beast in Beauty and The Beast live action remake. In what country does the movie take place?
  1. Amy Winehouse’s family is now in talks for a musical based on her life, to debut in London. Finish this Amy Winehoue Lyric. (Audio question)
  2. Jodie Benson is 56 today. She voiced Ariel in “The Little Mermaid”. What is the name of the tropical fish that is Ariel’s best friend in the film?
  3. During a stop on her book tour, President Trump’s first wife Ivana said, quote, “I’m basically first Trump wife, OK? I’m first lady, OK?” And Melania wasn’t cool with that. How many times has the President been married?
  4. Taylor Swift has been popping into her fans’ Instagram live feeds and chatting with them. True or False : Taylor is in the top 3 most followed Instagram users.
  5. Today in 2004, the entire planet mourned a world without a Superman when Christopher Reeve passed away. What actor plays Superman currently?

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