Christian Bale says Heath Ledger insisted he hit him for real when filming the interrogation scene in The Dark Knight. Ledger won what for his role as the Joker after his untimely death?

Lil Jon spent last week opening a primary school in eastern Ghana. Which famous comedian used to portray him on his sketch comedy TV show?

The newest Han Solo Star Wars film finally has a title, Solo: A Star Wars Story & will premiere next May. Which actor has been tapped to play Han Solo?

Ratings for Megyn Kelly Today on NBC have apparently hit an all time low and it’s thought to be responsible for the 26% drop Kathy Lee & Hoda have seen over the last year as well. Megyn was very successful during her time at Fox when she hosted what show?

Yesterday Demi Lovato premiered her documentary Simply Complicated, and it’s available on which site? Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube?




Geostorm starring Gerard Butler and Abby Cornish hits theaters this Friday. Butler’s big break was in 2007 when he played a Spartan king in what film?

Katy Perry is enjoying being single because she has more time and energy. Name the actor who was Katy’s last boyfriend before this run of being single.

Evangeline Lilly kept her Ant Man and Wasp costume under raps on set by walking around wrapped in a blanket. What actor plays Ant Man?

Rihanna is getting a street named after her in her home county, which is what?

The entire cast of this classic 1998 Disney Halloween film reunited to honor the late Debbie Reynolds who played Grandma Aggy in the movie. Name it.




John Mayer rang in his 40th birthday in a bright pink floral suit in Rio earlier this week. Which of his songs did not win a Grammy? “Your Body is a Wonderland,” “Daughters,” or “Love on the Weekend?”

Taylor Swift had a secret listening party for her new album Reputation in London amid filming a new music video last weekend. Which package delivery company is she teaming up with that has her face on their trucks, to promote her album?

Ne-Yo is 35 today. True or false: his older sister is Brandy.

Apparently Beyonce turned down the role of Plumette in Disney’s live action Beauty & the Beast because it wasn’t a big enough part. Which item in the Beast’s palace is Plumette?

Letters to Cleo is reuniting this month for a few shows here in Boston. They’re best known for playing “I Want You To Want Me” on the roof of a high school overlooking Puget Sound at the end of what popular teen film?


Can they beat Kennedy?!


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