Can’t Beat Kennedy: Wednesday 11/1


Neil Patrick Harris and his family dressed up as an awesomely freaky circus family yesterday. Harris played Barney Stinson in what CBS sitcom from 2005 to 2014?

Netflix has suspended production indefinitely for House of Cards after announcing the show would end after next season, however rumors are flying about a spin off. Which of these shows does not have a spin off? Breaking Bad, The Big Bang Theory, or One Tree Hill?

Jenny McCarthy is 45 today. Back in 2013 she served as a co-host for this midday talk show for 1 year. Name the show.

Mary from Easton: In a new interview with People magazine Bette Midler said Disney’s alleged remake of Hocus Pocus is going to be very cheap. She played the iconic character of who?

Michael Jackson is still #1 on Forbes annual list of ‘Top-Earning Dead Celebs,’ making an estimated $75 million over the past year. Arnold Palmer is second with $40 million. Name the 2 main ingredients in the Arnold Palmer beverage.




Mark Hamill was afraid to do the new Star Wars trilogy because he was worried they couldn’t recapture the magic of the first one. Once Harrison Ford said yes, though, he felt like he had to. What are the little furry bear-like creatures from the planet Endor called in the franchise?

Joanne Krupa went to a Halloween party as Sandy from Grease. Name the actress who played Sandy in the film.

Christina Aguilera is set to honor Whitney Houston at the American Music Awards later this month for The Bodyguard‘s 25th anniversary. Who played her bodyguard in the film?

Hudson Yang is 14 today. He plays Henry Huang on ABC’s comedy series Fresh Off The ________.

Ed from Randolph: 5 years ago Google’s Gmail became the world’s most popular email service. Which email service came first? Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook?




JLO is currently dating A-Rod. What iconic 80’s pop star is also one of A-Rod’s conquests?

Lucas from Leominster: In Stranger Things 2, what iconic movie role did the boys dress up as for Halloween at the beginning of the season?

LA Comic-Con got a special treat over the weekend when the cast of Sabrina the Teenage Witch all reunited! What’s the name of Sabrina’s wise cracking black cat?

Wendy Williams fainted during a live broadcast yesterday due to overheating, allegedly, from her Statue of Liberty Halloween costume. What nearby university in Massachusetts did Wendy Williams attend?

Jay-Z will receive the Grammy Salute to Industry Icons Award the night before the 60th annual Grammy Awards in January. How many musical collaborations does he have with Beyonce? 6 or 12?



Can they beat Kennedy?!

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