27 years ago today “Ice, Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice hit #1 on the pop singles chart, the first rap single ever to top the pop chart. “Ice Ice Baby” famously stole it’s bassline from the song “Under Pressure” which Vanilla Ice denied for years before finally admitting it. What band sings “Under Pressure?”

Name Julianne Hough’s famous dancer brother.

Maroon 5 just dropped a new album, Red Pill Blues. Name the movie franchise that originated the “red pill vs. blue pill” scenario.

Ralph Macchio is 56 years old on Saturday. He was the Karate Kid. What was the name of the blonde bully from the Cobra Kai dojo Danielson had to defeat in order to win the Martial Arts Tournament.

Netflix hasn’t released any official streaming numbers for Stranger Things, but Nielsen claims Episode One of Season Two was watched 15.8 million times over the weekend. Which of these shows isn’t a Netflix original series? Orange Is The New Black, Gotham, or Luke Cage?




A new Barbra Streisand concert special hits Netflix on November 22nd. She played Rozalin Focker in what comedy film franchise?

Kevin Jonas turns 30 on Sunday. Back in the Jonas Brothers band heyday what accessory did the brothers where on their hands as a symbol of their faith?

Gabrielle Union’s character from Bad Boys 2 is getting her own spin off on NBC. The film centers around cops played by Will Smith & Martin Lawrence who specialize in what?

Disney just announced the cast of its 2019 The Lion King remake, and it includes the one and only Beyonce as Nala. In The Lion King what type of animals are Timon and Pumba?

We just got the first official trailer for the new Tonya Harding movie starring Margot Robbie. Harding was expected to battle Nancy Kerrigan for gold in the 1994 Olympic Games before her husband hired thugs to incapacitate Kerrigan. Where was the 1994 Olympics being held?




Comedian Kathy Griffin is 57 years old Saturday. Name the Popular TV host/journalist she was best friends with before their falling out over her Trump photo shoot earlier this year.

Selena Gomez seems to be doing okay post-The Weeknd breakup hanging out with Justin Bieber. Name the transplant she had this summer that prevented her from promoting some of her newer music.

Kendall Jenner is 22 today. Name the soda company for whom she did a commercial that caused major controversy earlier this year.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has decided to pull its pre-recorded interview with Jeremy Piven amid his sexual harassment allegations. Piven played Ari Gold on what show?

A Twitter employee briefly deactivated Donald Trump’s account before leaving on their last day. Who has more twitter followers Obama or Trump?


Can they beat Kennedy?!


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