1. Christopher Knight is 60 today. He played Peter Brady on “The Brady Bunch”. Finish this lyric from the theme song. (Audio Question)
  2. 52 years ago today the Pillsbury doughboy debuted in commercials. How does the dough boy react when his stomach is touched?
  3. Mens Fitness put together a list of the top 10 fittest movies of all time. They include fight club, Rocky and 300. Where were the Greek warriors who fought in 300 from?
  4. Old School wrestling fans can relax because Diddy was just kidding about changing his name to “Brother Love”. Diddy played Sergio in this 2010 comedy starring Russell Brand and Jonah Hill.
  5. Someoone was tryign to sell nude photos of Sia, so she beat them to the punch by posting one of them on twitter that showed her naked backside. What country is Sia from?
  1. Less than two years after it went off the air, American Idol has set its return date on ABC for March 11th. What network did it air on previously?
  2. Tina Knowles says her daughters have been doing charity work since they were kids. Quote “ Solange was on bread and Beyonce was on silverware”. Who is older Beyonce or Solange Knowles?
  3. The Jersey Shore cast is not happy that MTV is rebooting the franchise with out them in their new spin off “Floribama Shore”. Name three members of the Jersey Shore cast
  4. Rebecca Romijn turned 45 years old yesterday. She played Mystique in what superhero movie franchise?
  5. An iPhone iOS 11 glitch is making some Apple users consider throwing their newly updated phones out the window. The lowercase letter “i” is being replaced by gibberish. What year did the first IPhone release?
  1. Mariah Carey reportedly had weight loss surgery because of online haters. Name the T.V. personality Carey was formally married too and has twins with.
  2. Lorde is 21 years old today. She burst onto the scene in mid 2013 with her debut single that was an international hit. Name the song.
  3. Ozzy Osbourne is launching a farewell solo world tour next year. His wife Sharon stars on what daytime talk show?
  4. 26 years ago today Paul Reubens aka Pee Wee Herman pleaded no contest to indecent exposure charges after an incident in a dirty movie theater. Name his Emmy winning series that ran from 1986-1991.
  5. Tyrese Gibson‘s money issues may be solved thanks to a generous donation from Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Which Fast & Furious movie did Tyrese make his franchise debut in?

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