Boston Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts bowled a perfect game at the World Series of Bowling. What is the score for a perfect game?

ABC has asked for more episodes of the new Roseanne revival, bringing the total up to NINE. But Johnny Galecki still hasn’t finalized a deal to return. What show does Galecki currently star on?

Travis Barker is 42 today. He is the drummer for what band?

True or false: Drake has never been featured on a Katy Perry song.

Gene Simmons was heckled during a show in Providence Rhode Island Sunday and Gene went into the crowd to look for the guy. There’s a video on Youtube. Is Gene Simmons a stage name or his birth name?




31 years ago today the Gene Hackman classic Hoosiers was released. What sport is Hoosiers about?

166 years ago today Moby Dick was first published. What was the name of the sea captain in the book that was chasing the white whale that bit off his leg?

Nick Jonas is 25 years old, but his mom still does his laundry. Quote, “she does it every time, with a big smile! …Any chance she gets to be a mom again [is] is a really nice thing for her. Nick’s brother Joe just got engaged to what actress?

Megan Fox says she doesn’t know if she and Brian Austin Green are done having kids, since none of their previous kids were planned. In 2014, Megan starred as April O’Neil in this superhero film starring animals with human like intelligence and sweet ninja skills.

Sam Smith just scored his first #1 debut on the Billboard 200 with his album The Thrill of It All. Is the name of his debut album that features his hit Grammy-award winning song “Stay with Me” In The Lonely Hour or Dreaming Out Loud?





What toy company makes Barbies?

Amazon got the rights to do “multiple seasons” of their upcoming Lord of the Rings show. In Lord of the Rings what is the name of the creature obsessed with the ring that calls it “My Precious?”

Condoleeza Rice is 63 years old today. She served as Secretary of State under which President?

President Trump might have his most prolific month yet in office…on Twitter. His current record is 485 tweets in September, but he’s on a pace to tweet out 723 by the end of the month. Name the now defunct social media platform that Twitter bought that let users film short 6-second videos.

Jimmy Fallon returned to the Tonight Show for the first time since his mom died, and Taylor Swift showed up unannounced to sing “New Year’s Day.” Name the 1991 Right Said Fred song that Taylor samples in “Look What You Made Me Do.”


Can they beat Kennedy?!


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