1. Vanna White says the key to winning “Wheel of Fortune” is buying vowels. Name her co-worker and longtime host of the show.
  2. Danny DeVito turns 73 today. He played what famous batman villain back in the 1992 Tim Burton directed & Michael Keaton lead “Batman Returns”?
  3. Fergie and Rachel Platten will perform at the Miss Universe Pageant which airs live on the 26th. Who is the host of the Miss Universe Pageant who had that famous flub back in 2015?
  4. 14 years ago today Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected Governor of what state?
  5. The classic Bill Murray movie “Stripes” is being turned into a TV series. In the plot of Stripes, what do Bill Murray and Harold Ramis join?
  1. Meg Ryan is 56 today. Ryan starred in You’ve Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle alongside what A-List actor?
  2. Name the film that gave JLO her first leading role where she told the beautiful story of a late Latin signer.
  3. The One Tree Hill cast & crew have accused show runner Mark Schwann of sexual misconduct resulting in the suspension of his current project; a scripted series on E! starring Elizabeth Hurley, name the show.
  4. Sarah Silverman got emotional while dealing with the Louis C.K. situation on the latest episode of her Hulu series “I Love America”. What late night host was Silverman previously in a relationship with?
  5. Pringles revealed an amazing new Thanksgiving dinner that’s made entirely out of their chips. What is the slogan for Pringles?
  1. Random Fact of the day: Barry Manilow wrote the jingle for state farm insurance. Sing the state farm jingle.
  2. Jonathan Taylor Thomas from “Home Improvement” could have had the lead in “American Pie” if he wanted it, but he passed. What actor got the lead in the American Pie franchsie?
  3. Despite terrible reviews, the makers of “Justice League” are eyeing a possible $110 million opening. Brace yourself for nerd rage if you don’t answer this correctly. Is Justice League DC or Marvel?
  4. Mariah Carey canceled two of her Christmas shows due to a quote “lovely respiratory infection”. Mariah had an E! reality show that ran for one season that aired it’s final episode at the beginning of this year. It was called Mariah’s ____.
  5. Mickey Mouse is 89 today. Name the short film where Mickey Mouse made his first ever appearance



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