Carly Rae Jepsen is 32 today. Name her only hit single that hit #1 back in June 2012.

Forget the critics. Jason Momoa has seen Justice League twice now, and he digs it. Mamoa was on what still running HBO series for one season before being killed off?

22 years ago today Toy Story was released. What was the name of the boy in the film who all of the toys such as Woody and Buzz belonged to?

Matthew McConaughey teamed up with Wild Turkey to help hand-deliver 4,500 turkeys to the people of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, which is where the Wild Turkey distillery is. What type of liquor is Wild Turkey?

Bob Saget proposed to his girlfriend while they were watching Stranger Things on an iPad. What year did the iPad first release? 2007, 2010, or 2012?




Today in 1995, Billie Joe Armstrong was arrested for dropping his pants at a concert in Milwaukee. He was fined $141. Name the band of which he is the lead singer.

According to a survey, people in their 50’s and over tend to like classic Christmas movies like It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street, while younger adults like a mix that includes everything from The Grinch to Elf. Name the two comedic actors who starred in The Grinch and Elf respectively.

Christina El Moussa announced the death of Frank Miller, one of the contractors on her HGTV show that she stars in with her now ex. What is the name of their show?

Jeffrey Tambor released a statement on Sunday addressing his future on the Amazon show Transparent, saying he doesn’t think he’ll come back for the fifth season after two transgender women on set accused him of sexual harassment. He played George Bush Sr. on what sitcom following?

Singer and actress Della Reese died on Sunday at age 86. There was no cause of death, but she fought diabetes for years. She started out as a singer, but later became famous for starring on what television show that ran from 1994-2003?




Malia Obama was caught on camera smoking and kissing some guy and basically being a regular college kid before a football game. What college does Malia attend?

Goldie Hawn is 72 today. Name her actress daughter.

Drew Scott got the boot last night on Dancing with the Stars. That means it’s Lindsey Stirling, Jordan Fisher, and Frankie Muniz in tonight’s finale. Name the instrument Lindsey Stirling is famous for playing.

41 years ago today the first Rocky was released. In the film, what city does Rocky call home that has actually erected a statue of the character?

Even though she and Ben Affleck have been separated for more than two years, Jennifer Garner still isn’t ready for a new man. Name the spy-action TV series that gained her recognition for her performance of CIA officer Sydney Bristow.


Can they beat Kennedy?!


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