Can’t Beat Kennedy: Monday 11/27



Sesame Street did a Stranger Things parody called “Sharing Things.” In Sesame Street, where does Oscar the Grouch live?

Jaleel White is 41 today. He was a sitcom star in the 90’s playing Steve Urkel in what show?

Ron Howard’s father passed away over the weekend. What was the name of Howard’s character on Happy Days?

Megyn Kelly’s November ratings are historically low. What is the name of her daytime TV show?

43 years ago, Carl Douglas’ masterpiece “Kung Fu Fighting” went gold. Finish this lyric from the song.




Jessica Biel posted an Instagram video of Justin Timberlake taking a little blowtorch to a pumpkin meringue pie and saying “Thanksgiving Dad Life.” What was Justin Timberlake’s first #1 single? “SexyBack” or “My Love?”

Dee Snider used to be friends with Donald Trump, but says now he knows what he believes in and cannot be friends with him anymore. What 80’s rock group did Dee Snider front? Twisted Sisters or Def Leppard?

Psy thanked his fans after “Gangnam Style” hit 3 BILLION views on YouTube. There are only two videos that have more views than it. Name one of them.

Billy Eichner better get ready because it looks like he’ll be singing with Beyonce in the new Lion King movie. Which characters are both Billy and Beyonce playing in the movie?

Co-stars of the 2004 comedy Dodgeball Ben Stiller and Justin Long stopped by the Today Showlast week, in character, to challenge the anchors to a dodge ball game for charity. In the film, Long was part of Average Joe’s Gym & Stiller is in the owner of the rival gym named what?





Caroline Kennedy is 60 years old today. She was the inspiration for this Neil Diamond song that gets played at Fenway Park nightly.

Willow Smith says growing up in the public eye was “excruciatingly terrible.” Is she older or younger than her brother Jaden Smith.

Eminem took some serious shots at President Trump in a freestyle last month, and he’s actually disappointed that Trump never responded. Name the pop diva Eminem claimed to have dated for six months and even traded diss tracks with.

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is 62 today. What decade did his show of the same name air?

Pixar’s newest animated feature, Coco, sang its way to the fourth-best Thanksgiving box office ever with an estimated $71.2 million over the five-day weekend. The concept of the film is based on what Mexican holiday?

Can they beat Kennedy?!

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