By: Eric Donnelly

It was announced today that Matt Lauer was fired from NBC.

Lots of stories are going to roll out in the coming days with people everywhere trying to find prior examples that could’ve foreshadowed this bombshell story. Well, now Katie Couric is being dragged into this mess by the Internet.

When the famed journalist was on Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen she played a game of Plead the Fifth!, where the guest is asked 3 questions and can only not answer one. Couric was asked what is her longtime co-host’s most annoying habit.

Check out here answer:

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“He pinches me on the a** a lot!” Now, she was laughing when she said it and you can tell she meant no harm by it.

Cohen also found the story to be humorous, but now this clip is being seen in a different light.


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