Amazon’s Latest Patent: A Self-Destructing Drone

By: Eric Donnelly

This is pretty crazy.

According to The Verge, Amazon’s latest patents have unveiled their newest creation: a drone that is capable of self-destructing. Sounds weird, but it is actually quite genius.

The idea behind it is that if anything goes wrong with the drone during delivery the drone will break apart in the air, so there are small drone pieces falling to the ground and not big ones. Sure, makes total sense.

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The patent states, “During the fragmentation sequence, one or more parts or components of the UAV [unmanned aerial vehicle] can be released. In doing so, the weight, speed, air drag coefficient, and other factors related to the UAV can be altered” by means of “small explosive charges.”

Who knows when we will be seeing the drones in action. Regardless, they’re so cool!

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