One of our favorite #15Seconds artists this year is 14 year old Ani-K. We first featured the super talented singer/songwriter from Perth, Australia last winter (see below) and we’re psyched to add her to our Best Of 2017 list!

Check out her original song Close Anymore and TELL US what you think!

Buy Ani-K’s new song Let Me Catch Up on iTunes!

See ALL the BEST OF 2017 artists!

Got a great song in the #15Seconds spotlight tonight from Australian singer/songwriter Ani-K (Anica Karu.)

It’s something we can all relate to, thinking about someone who once meant everything to us, but who’s drifted away.

Take a listen to Close Anymore and TELL US what you think!

15 ani k 15 Seconds | Ani K   Best Of 2017

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