1. Mark Wahlberg is the ‘Most Overpaid Actor of 2017’. For every dollar he’s paid, his movies make $4.40. What is the name of the comedy sequel he is in with Will Ferrell that is in theatre now?
  2. 17 years ago today AOL and Time Warner merged in a deal worth $111 billion. What does AOL stand for?
  3. Omarosa either quit or was fired from the Trump administration Tuesday night. What was the name of the actor she dated up until his death in 2012? He was in The Green Mile, The Scorpion King & Armageddon
  4. Sophie Turner who plays Sansa Stark says the ending of Game of Thrones is “incredibly emotional”. In the show name Sansa’s brother who was …. *SEASON 3 SPOILERALERT ERMAHGERD* killed at the red wedding.
  5. Salma Hayek says Harvey Weinstein made numerous sexual advances toward her, and was horrible to work with when she refused. Hayek played a Vampire in what Quentin Tarantino movie?
  1. 32 years ago this week the movie version of “CLUE” was released. It had THREE different endings. Which of these characters is NOT one of the suspects in the game and film?
    Mrs. Peacock, Colonel Mustard or Dr. White?
  2. 18 years ago today Charles Schulz announced that he was retiring the comic strip “Peanuts” after 50 years. Name the yellow bird who is Snoopy’s friend in the Peanuts universe.
  3. Ed Sheeran is celebrating two years since he ditched his cell phone. Ed’s hit song “Don’t” was about Nial Horan and what pop star?
  4. “Super Size Me” filmmaker Morgan Spurlock has admitted to a history of sexual abuse against women. In “Super Size Me” Spurlock did what for 30 straight days?
  5. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard like to wear matching outfits, and apparently it’s because of an Ohio theme park called Cedar Point. Name the Frozen short that was recently removed from airing before Coco in order to run tomorrow on ABC.
  1. 54 year old John Stamos and his 31-year-old girlfriend are expecting. On Full House how many kids did his character Jesse & Rebecca have?
  2. Google released its most-searched terms of the year in multiple categories. Matt Lauer was the most-searched person, Meghan Markle was the #1 actor and Linkin Park was #1 among musicians. Name the Linkin Park front man who tragically took his own life earlier in the year.
  3. The Goonies, Titanic & Die Hard have been added to National Film Registry. What do Goonies never say?
  4. Former Red Sox player and eternal scape goat Bill Buckner is 68 today. He played 22 seasons in the Majors but will always be remembered for doing what in the World Series that cost them the game.
  5. Pictures of Ryan Gosling walking around set in a bathrobe are making the rounds on the internet. He’s filming a movie called “First Man” about the life of Neil Armstrong who was the first man on the moon. Name the other Astronaut who walked on the moon with Armstrong during the Apollo 11 mission.

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