1. TheWrap.com has a rundown of the ratings from the New Year’s specials . . . and ABC’s “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” did the best. Which celebrity is the main host of that special?
  2. 230 years ago today Georiga became the fourth state. Georgia is known as the ___ sate.
  3. Dax Sheppard is 43 today. He and his wife Kristen Bell starred in what 2017 movie that did terrible at the box office based on a hit 70’s TV show about Motorcycle Cops.
  4. Amy Winehouse’s dad Mitch says Amy visits him in ghost form and sits at the end of his bed. What year did Amy pass away? 2007, or 2011?
  5. A list of the top pop culture events you can look forward to this year includes the kick-off of the Winter Olympics next month. Where are the Olympics being held this year?
  1. There is going to be a New Mary Poppins movie out this year! You’ll have to wait until next December though. What did Mary Poppins use to fly around?
  2. Anderson Cooper had a new host for his annual New Years Eve countdown show after his fall out with his former BFF. Andy Cohen stepped in to co-host this year. Name Cooper’s former co-host.
  3. Cuba Gooding Jr. turns 50 today. He won an Oscar for yelling “Show me the money!” in “Jerry Maguire”. He also played who on “American Crime Story”
  4. The three biggest box office hits last year all had female leads. “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, “Beauty and the Beast”, and “Wonder Woman”. The last time that happened was 1958. Name two of the three Female leads who starred in those films.
  5. Millie Bobby Brown is celebrating 11 million followers on Instagram. She stars on what hit Netflix series?
  1. Justin Timberlake may be on the verge of announcing tour dates for this year. And there’s also talk that he might have new music on the way. Who has Justin been married to since 2012?
  2. Real Housewives star Luann De Lesseps to enter rehab following her drunken arrest. There are more Real Housewives shows on TV than you can keep track of now. Which one was the original?
  3. Andy Cohen interviewed Nicole Kidman during CNN’s show, and for whatever reason, he asked her again about her weird clapping at the Oscars last year. And Nicole sounded OVER IT. Cohen hosts “Watch What Happens Live” every weeknight on what station?
  4. Henry Winkler says he couldn’t read until he was 31. Name the Iconic TV character he’s best known for playing.
  5. Carrie Underwood admitted to her fan club that she also scratched up her face in that “hard fall” in November. She said the doctor put between 40 and 50 stitches in and she’s “not quite looking the same.” What TV show has Carrie appeared on? – How I Met Your Mother or Law & Order?

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