1. Billy Ray Cyrus tops a list of the “10 Best Mullets in Country Music History.” Outside of creating Miley, Billy Ray is best known for his song with the lyrics. “Don’t Tell My Heart, My ___ ____ Heart, I Just Don’t Think He’d Undertstand.”
  2. 39 years ago today “The Dukes of Hazzard” premiered on TV. On the show the boys and their uncle Jesse did what illegal activity to make ends meet?
  3. In a lawsuit filed in New York on Wednesday, Two NBC cameramen allege that Questlove, the drummer of “The Roots”, demanded their firing for being white. The Roots are the house band for what show?
  4. Some guy was trashing “Jumanji” online, so The Rock laid the smackdown on him. Then they became friends. The original Jumanji was a board game, what is it in the remake?
  5. Steven Spielberg is remaking the 1957 Broadway musical “West Side Story”. The story revolves around the conflict between a white gang and a Puerto Rican gang. What are the gang names?
  1. Ed Solomon, who wrote the original Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, says that he and the cast are working hard on another film. In the movie what is the name of Bill & Teds band? – Wyld Stallyns or Sonic Death Monkey?
  2. Some guy attacked Flavor Flav at a Vegas casino and there’s video. Flav resurrected his career on VH1’s reality show Surreal Life where he developed a relationship with what actress/model.
  3. Casey Affleck will not present Best Actress at the upcoming Academy Awards, as the Best Actor winner of the previous year traditionally does. What film did Affleck win the Best Actor Oscar for last year?
  4. Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers fessed up to cheating on his girlfriend, and says he’s miserable and she deserves better. What was the Chainsmokers first mainstream hit song from back in 2014 that put them on peoples radars?
  5. Nick Carter and Joey Fatone both have birthdays on Sunday. What is the name of the man who founded both NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys?
  1. There’s video of a TV reporter losing her mind over getting to interview Ricky Martin not knowing that Ricky can actually see her fangirling. What is the name of Ricky’s biggest and only #1 song?
  2. Select Waffle House restaurants are offering a special Valentine’s Day dinner that will include white tablecloths, a special menu and soft music. Waffle House will begin taking reservations for their special Valentine’s Day dinner today. True or False : There are ZERO waffle Houses in Massachusetts.
  3. 34 years ago today Michael Jackson’s hair famously caught fire after an explosion while filming a commercial for what brand?
  4. Elijah Wood is 37 today. Name the 2005 film where he played an American College student in the U.K. who falls in love with the underworld of Football hooliganism, particularly the West Ham United Firm.
  5. Nancy Kerrigan will cover the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics for “Inside Edition”. What network does Inside Edition air on?

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