1. Harry Styles is 24 today. Name the 2017 WW2 movie he starred in.
  2. Katherine Heigl signed on to star in the eighth season of the USA show Suits as a regular. Name the actress who was a star on suits but is leaving due to getting married.
  3. 85 years ago today Skippy Peanut Butter was introduced. What was the most consumed peanut butter in the U.S. in 2017?
  4. Marvel’s Black Panther is outpacing all previous superhero movies in Fandango’s advance ticket sales, the ticketing company announced. Black Panther takes place in Wakanda, a fictional nation on what continent?
  5. Even though he is a Pats fan, Mark Wahlberg played a Philadelphia Eagle when he portrayed Vince Papale in which 2006 biopic?
  1. Vanna White tells the NY Post that she has never worn the same dress twice in 35 years on Wheel of Fortune. Saying quote “I’ve worn over 6,700 gowns.” Who is her coworker and host of the show?
  2. Pauly Shore is 50 years old today. At the height of his career he was often referred to by his nickname, by both himself and others. What was it?
  3. TMZ claims Dennis Rodman was officially charged with a DUI yesterday stemming from his January 13th arrest in Newport Beach. Dennis Rodman has traveled to what country multiple times where tensions are very high with the USA as a self-proclaimed diplomat?
  4. 134 years ago today Sir James Murray published the first “Oxford English Dictionary” in Scotland. According to Amazon.com which company currently has 6 of the top 7 highest selling English dictionaries.
  5. Omarosa and the rest of the cast of “Celebrity Big Brother” are getting a base salary of $200,000 plus more depending on how long they last. When did the American version of “Big Brother” first appear on CBS? 2000, 2005 or 2010?
  1. Since she lost her gig co-hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage with Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin says she stayed home that night. She did record Coopers show and watch it later though, and she said Anderson and his new co-host were, quote, “a dumpster fire.” Who is his new co-host?
  2. The director for the sequel to “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”. said yesterday that Dumbledore’s homosexuality wouldn’t be “explicitly” dealt with in the film. Which actor plays the young Dumbledore in this series?
  3. Before George Clooney even met his wife Amal, his agent met her and predicted that she and George would get married. Is this the first time Clooney has been married?
  4. Production on the final season of House Of Cards has resumed, Netflix announced Wednesday. What is the character name of the female lead on the show that the story will now be centered around in Kevin Spacey’s absence
  5. Adele recently Instagramed a picture of herself dressed as Dolly Parton. She captioned the shot with: “The effortless queen of song, Dolly Parton!”. Parton is the God Mother to what pop star?

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