1. Rick Astley is 52 today. His song never gonna give you up has spawned one of the biggest internet memes in history. What is it called?
  2. We are officially one week away from Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is a French phrase that translates to what in English?
  3. Today in 1935, “Monopoly” went on sale for the first time. Name 2 of the 4 railroads in Monopoly.
  4. Uma Thurman doesn’t believe there was any “malicious intent” behind director Quentin Tarantino’s decision to have her do a dangerous driving stunt in Kill Bill. What now deceased actor played Bill?
  5. Paul Simon officially announced his retirement from the road after a farewell tour this spring and summer. Paul was half of a very famous music duo called _____.
  1. On this date a few years back Britney Spears was photographed driving around Malibu with her infant son sitting in her lap. A year later at the peak of her meltdown she did what to hear head?
  2. Malcolm Butler might be New England’s best cornerback, so he was shocked that he didn’t get to play a single defensive snap in the Super Bowl. Malcolm made a game saving play to win the Patriots a Super Bowl when he intercepted what team on the goal line? – The Seahawks or the Falcons?
  3. 16 years ago this week, Winona Ryder first pleaded innocent to four felony charges for what crime?
  4. It would have been Bob Marley’s birthday today. In his song “I Shot The Sheriff” he obviously admits to shooting the sheriff, but who did he NOT shot?
  5. Lady Gaga was forced to cancel 10 concerts in Europe because she’s ‘suffering from severe pain’. What is the name of the pain processing disorder Gaga has that she opened up about in an announcement last year?
  1. Tom Brady’s ex trolled him pretty hard on Twitter during and after the Super Bowl with a string of Eagles tweets. She’s an actress and the mother of Tom’s first child. What’s her name?
  2. Today is Ronald Reagan day in the state of California, where he as Governor before he became President. Reagan was President for the majority of what decade?
  3. Sam Smith tells NBC that he dislikes karaoke. “I hate karaoke. I don’t think karaoke works if you…can sing. I’d only ever do Fifth Harmony—ever—ever.” Smith is dating Brandon Flynn, an actor from what popular Netflix series?
  4. NBC’s broadcast of Super Bowl LII was seen by 103.4 million total viewers,. That’s down 7% from 2017’s big game, though the number is good enough to make LII the No. 10 most-watched TV show in U.S. history – TRUE or FALSE : the entire top ten most watched broadcasts in U.S. history are all Super Bowls
  5. Gal Gadot will voice herself in an upcoming episode of The Simpsons, she confirmed. What country is Gadot from originally where she even won the national beauty pageant being crowned Miss ____.

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