1. George Clooney and David Letterman make an In-N-Out stop on Dave’s Netflix show “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction”. In-N-Out is a west coast chain known for primarily selling what?
  2. Today in Philadelphia is a trash city. The Eagles parade went down yesterday and had fans running across the top of porta-johns and spreading dead people’s ashes down the parade route. But Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback to ever live so whatever it’s fine I’m already over it. Which of these famous people/groups are NOT from Philadelphia? – Boyz 2 Men, Bradley Cooper or Bruce Willis
  3. Joaquin Phoenix might play the joker in 1980’s-set origin story focusing on the Batman villain. Who was the last actor to play the Joker in a movie?
  4. Joe Pesci is 75 today. He played Leo Getz in what 1990’s action movie franchise?
  5. 21 years ago today The Simpsons became the longest running prime-time animated series of all time. Beating out which cartoon?
  1. Michael B. Jordan turns 31 today. He’s the bad guy in the upcoming “Black Panther” film and also played a boxer in what 2015 film that has a sequel coming out late in the year.
  2. A Ghostbusters car was recently spotted during a high-speed police chase in Fort Worth, Texas. The white SUV had the famous Ghostbusters logo on the driver’s side door with the caption, “Who you gonna call?” Who wrote the ghostbusters famous theme song?
  3. Meghan Trainor told James Corden she had a pet rat growing up. She accidentally stepped on it when she was brushing her teeth. What Massachusetts town is Trainor from?
  4. Quincy Jones says he knows who killed JFK. Quincy Jones also sounds like he might be a little crazy. JFK was shot in the head as he rode in a Presidential motorcade alongside his wife in what big city?
  5. There’s a musical in the works based on the music of Huey Lewis and his band. What is Lewis’ band called?
  1. Jimmy Buffett rarely drinks margaritas anymore because of his new diet. Buffett is known for his restaurant chain named after his hit song Margaritaville. But he actually owns ANOTHER theme restaurant chain named after one of his hit songs. This one is called _____ in Paradise.
  2. Elton John canceled some concerts to attend Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding. What is the name of Harry’s brother William’s wife?
  3. On “Celebrity Big Brother” last night, Omarosa said she tried to rein in President Trump, but was always thwarted by his staff. What actor did Omarosa date until his untimely death in 2012?
  4. Fox’s new music competition series “The Four” has been renewed for a second season. Name three of the four original judges from season 1
  5. Halsey had a little wardrobe malfunction when somebody stepped on her dress. But she says them blurring out her nether region is just clickbait because she was wearing underwear. Halsey is an Anagram of her first name. What is it?




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