1. Jerry Springer is 74 today. What did Jerry do for work before he was a daytime TV host?
  2. Elton John tells the Sun newspaper that he and songwriter Tim Rice are working on new music for The Lion King remake. In the film what does Hakuna Matata mean?
  3. 30 years ago today Michael Jackson bought a beautiful California ranch that he would later name _____ ranch.
  4. “Willy Wonka” is being reimagined yet again. This time by Paul King the director of the Paddington movies. How many kids get a “golden ticket” into the Chocolate Factory in the movies?
  5. According to a new survey 9% of people said they HATE Girl Scout cookies, and another 5% said they’ve never tried them. Blasphemy on both counts. Pretty much everyone can guess that Thin Mints came in at #1 for most liked girl scout cookie, but which came in at #2?
  1. Freedom Williams is 52 years old today. If the name doesn’t ring a bell his song might. He was the lead vocalist for C&C Music Factory whose biggest hit reached #1 in the country back in February of ’91. The song was called Gonna Make You ____.
  2. Clint Eastwood Doesn’t like selfies. Saying: ”I don’t like selfie sticks and I don’t like selfies period. But you get asked to do so many of them. It’s a pain in the rear.” Eastwood is the oldest person ever to win a Best Director Oscar. Winning it for a second time back in 2005 for this Hillary Swank boxing film.
  3. Today is International Pancake Day and I’m pretty hungry so let’s do a food question. What is the name of the French pastry that is basically a thin pancake?
  4. Kim Cattrall blasted Sarah Jessica parker for reaching out to her after Kim’s brother died. She accused Sarah of, quote, “exploiting our tragedy in order to restore your ‘nice girl’ persona.” Name the cult classic 80’s movie Cattrall starred in with Kurt Russell where they played Gracie Law and Jack Burton.
  5. A British guy thought he got cheap tickets to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers but just days before the show, he realized they were tickets to see a bagpipe band called the Red Hot Chili PIPERS. Name the front man for the Chili Peppers.
  1. Hannah Simone from “New Girl” is set to lead ABC’s ‘Greatest American Hero’ Reboot. Who plays Jess on New Girl?
  2. 20 years ago today The Wedding Singer was released. It was the first of three Rom Coms with Adam Sandler and what actress?
  3. Today in 1982 Loverboy’s “Working For the Weekend” peaked on the pop charts. Finish the lyric from the song.
  4. Jerry Seinfeld is being sued over the idea for his hit Netflix show. Saying he pitched the idea to Seinfeld back in 2002 and even shot a Pilot with him back in 2011 before Jerry stole it. The name of the show is Comedians in ___ Getting _____.
  5. James Franco is set to return for a second season of The Deuce, despite his recent controversy. What network does The Deuce air on?

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